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Event Offerings

We recognize that Car Shows come in different sizes and shapes.   Therefore, we offer three (3) levels of Services with eCar Show Registry. 

We enable Event Producers to pick their starting point.  They can chose LIST and upgrade with a single click anytime to LITE or Premium when you are ready.   For more information (Contact Us

eCarShow Registry Video


Event Listing

Dashboard for Event Producers
  • Create, Maintain and Copy Events 

  • Provide Event Map and Directions  

  • Add Event Promotional Photos, Registered Vehicles,  plus Sponsors and Charities 

  • View on Desktop and Mobile

  •  Search based on Name, Date, Location and more  


eCSR Lite

Pre-Register Exhibitors & Visitors
  • Register Exhibitor Vehicles for Events

  • Auto Post Registered Vehicles on Event Listing 

  • Capture emails for Marketing 

  • Tickets issued with QR Code 

  • Scan Ticket QR Code at Check-In 

  • Pre-Print Vehicle QR Code Displays  

  • Pre-Print Branded Event Windshield Displays 


eCSR Premium

Credit Card Processing

Automate Funds Collection
  • Process Pre-Registration Payments 

  • Collect Donations for your Charities

  • Collect CC, Cash, Checks at Check-In 

  • Auto Deposit funds in your Bank

  • Post Event Reconciliation